Digital Dispatch

Digital dispatch, complete solutions for the taxi fleet management. Hardware, software, integration and commissioning of a hand. Digital dispatch, a DDS wireless international company headquartered in Vancouver/Canada, is the world leader in integrated complete solutions from a single source for the taxi fleet management. There are today more than 75,000 mobile devices (MDT) and 200 central management systems on four continents. The core competencies lie in the BereichenTaxi of hardware and software, automated computer dispatch, public data networks, private wireless networks, wireless data transfer, card payment systems, mobile media, and much more. DDS offers the most flexible, most robust and sophisticated management platform for taxi fleets up to several thousand vehicles.

Digital dispatch’s history began in 1978 with the development of the first taxi dispatch system for the North American market by a group of highly qualified employees who are still among the companies history. The establishment of the independent company It was then in 1987 to the application expertise in the areas of taxi management, transit service, courier services, limousine service, roadside assistance, emergency response, airport shuttle, and vehicle location and tracking to further develop and to meet future requirements. With the acquisition of Glenayre’s mobile data Division in 1992, digital dispatch became a provider of complete solutions with integrated wireless communication. The portfolio includes data terminals (MDT), RF infrastructure, project management and customer support on the spot since the turnkey systems including application software, mobile. The strategic direction of the market was further strengthened with the acquisition of the transport business division of mobile data solution Inc. (MDSI) in 1999. Since the merger with the Finnish company Mobisoft OY in 2007 Digital dispatch followed its diversification into the product and market development consistently with the expansion of market presence in the area of medium-sized taxi companies with the online dispatch system TaxiBook”. Digital dispatch’s success and Market acceptance is due to the consistent further development of the tried and tested solutions. As a pioneer in the introduction of new technologies such as dispatch software, DSP high speed modems, multi site, multi host and multi channel network gateways, low-cost surface mount PCB for electronic components, in-vehicle mapping technology and mobile media content delivery systems for the passenger area in the past, we provide our clients with our decades long experience also in the future the warranty be always one step ahead.