Digital Distribution Shifts Deadline

track by track begins the voting for the merry bunny contest only on the 4th advent digital music distribution track called by track from Paderborn early November all musicians and bands on to take part in the merry Bunny contest. Musicians and bands should create an anti-Christmas song of kind of, to from the crowd of mostly bad or at least dead “-heard carols to stand out.” This creative bridge have beaten some artists and produces great videos and songs. The first advent should originally be the final date of the levy for the entertaining videos. This appointment was now moved back due to organizational problems. Half so wild, moved is not repealed: the beginning of the vote for the merry Bunny contest moves on the 4 advent backwards! Each artistically gifted man can take part and later in the free trackbytrack web2 Portal gevoted will. Therefore bands and musicians have a video, an animation a little time budget during the advent season, or slideshow in YouTube channel “trackbytrackGmbH” in the form of a Channelcomments to post. To deliver a taste of how an Easter Christmas mashup can look, here is one of the first videos: Tobias Sander track by track sales & promotion GmbH Friedrich-list str. 59 D-33100 Paderborn