Digital Environments

Therefore, as it points Bruno, the Didactics online accumulates of stocks the processes of formation of the relations human beings in digital environments that co-are constructed by means of the didactic relations, that is, relations between the citizens (or actors) social involved in the educative process: educator and educating. These relations elapse of interactive and dialticos processes, alicerados in what we can call didactic communication or (…), communicative interaction. Thus (…) to say of learning in learning environments online means to think about the citizen aprendente, that in this in case that it is, in its majority, the adult. But as if of a learning of this citizen? It is a process of transformation for the experience that results in the construction of the knowledge that, for David Kolb, elapses of ' ' transaction between the personal knowledge and social knowledge (…) ' ' (BRUNO apud CIBERCULTURA, 2009, P. 101). However, what it is delineated ahead of this new sensible one of formation, namely the cibercultura, is that it establishes significant alterations in regards to relation of itself-exactly of the man with knowing and the technique. If in modernity the man was reificado by knowing and technique from a relation ' ' utilitarian-instrumental' ' with the machines, now one will be established ' ' imbricamento' ' of the relation between man-machine, that it makes possible ' ' (…) to understand that the machines appear the same from social process that constitutes the human being. It does not exist, therefore, the traditional separation between technique, culture and society, that invigorated little until tempo' ' (PRETTO, s.d., P.

162). In this way, what it is delineated in the present time is a brutal transformation and ressignificao of the conditions of production of the knowledge of the relation of the man with the technique, last project of this new vision of world. But and the Education? As the pedagogia has assimilated the new paradigm to organize, to think and to construct knowledge of the current society? How it points Bonilla, the referenciais of the current school are based in the rationality that appeared with the Writing, which has as base the beginning of the scientific formation, the existence of a knowledge? true? that he must be transmitted to the pupil, being the professor the detainer and controller of this truth. .