Digital Product

Several companies that in line offer the service of collections for companies and people exist who want to sell products and services by Internet. But How they work? They are safe? How is automated the process? Etc Tomemos a specific example: ClickBank Also is E-junkie ClickBank is distributing in line of more 10.000 digital products and services that are given completely via Internet to acquires that them. Their services are 100% insurances since they count on a sophisticated international system of prevention of frauds that monitors all the transactions that are realised. In order to be able to use the services of ClickBank it is necessary to fulfill certain requirements. First that nothing, you must be registered in ClickBank in order that you can begin to receive the payments of your clients. ClickBank needs your real data and physical address to be able enviarte the sum corresponding to the sales realised from your Web site. The payment that you corresponds by the sales realised in a period of 15 days sends it by means of a check in dollars by mail, direct to your address.

Once registered in ClickBank, which you need is to have a Web site from which you can sell your products or services. This Web site needs 2 pages basically (you can have more pages, but these are the strictly necessary ones): a page of sales and? a page of unloadings the page of sales is where you describe to your product or service to the potential client and you convince to him to buy through safe servant of ClickBank. Once the potential client reads all your page of sales and is ready to realise the purchase, you offer a Link to him towards the safe servant where she will be able to realise the corresponding payment. It is necessary that in your page of sales you offer a detailed description of your product or service, that you explain how it will be given (by email, direct unloading, page Web, etc.), and as soon as time (right away, in minutes, etc).