Earth And Sun

It should be emphasized that because – for the Earth's rotation around its axis and walk across the velocity vector field of the atmosphere, is about the same flow across the field of hydrogen particles of interstellar gas and the same flight the same particles of the ionosphere, but with more kinetic energy. In the case of the solar system is moving in the concentrations of interstellar gas, atmospheric particles are much more likely to occur with the particles of gas from the atmosphere goes into space is much more heat than in the case of motion of the solar system in the areas of thinning. During this period the Earth there is a strong cooling off period in the past. If it were not for relic particles in general, and the solar system was moving in a pure vacuum, the energy of the sun and other sources of long ago would clog within atmosfery.No clogging has not occurred, although since the emergence of life on Earth was about 600 million years and the Sun during this time has made 3 revolutions around the galactic center. The main cause of global warming on Earth is excessive heat of the current human civilization. You can verify this by calculating the difference between the total flow of heat from human activities in H1H and twentieth centuries. In this case, we can assume the solar activity average with a period of 11 years, roughly the same in both centuries. Over the last twentieth century was spent almost half of the oil, gas, coal and other combustible materials, have grown enormously energy conversion of water, wind, tides and ebbs and similar others in the electrical energy that eventually turns into heat energy, accelerated pace to develop nuclear energy, actively promoted the use of bio-fuel vehicles.