Ecology In Moscow

More recently, we laughed at the stories of children from Europe or the United States who do not know sometimes what a cow or rooster – no advertising characters, as real animals. However, urbanization, and simultaneously promote environmental issues have an impact on residents Moscow: many formed a strong opinion that the animals can be found only in the zoo and the far flung corners of Siberia, untouched by man, but not within the precincts of the capital region. But, fortunately, it's a myth to debunk that can be easily with an evening stroll around town or travel in the near suburbs. What can we see in Moscow, among the pigeons and crows? Almost every forest park is a place where whites live feeders, and if patience, their even get to feed from your hands. But the most amazing encounter with nature in – it is there, walking through one of the alleys, you can see moose! And man, he probably would not be frightened and will continue to walk as nothing happened. In addition, in the waters of the Moskva River, polluted, it would seem, to the limit, you can see beavers, not only at sites in the Silver Bora, but also at the center, near the monument to Peter. Richer fauna outside Moscow. And, is especially interesting animals live even in the seemingly close 'squares' – areas bounded by highways and trapped among the plants. Thus, the owners of plots in the Domodedovo district often found in the forest wild boars and foxes, and in small river and coastal trees are visible traces of those same Beavers, and in the sky can be seen not only aircraft that enter the gate, but the falcon, seek out their prey. Thus, even residents of the capital are not without possible contact with nature, despite all the negative influence exerted on her tumultuous economic activity – the eco-tour can be arranged in the city, and remove from him for a few tens of kilometers.