Electoral College

However, in one I loom of magnificent extreme and escrnio, extravasando all chronic its atesmo – already by itself a tremendous one confronts against God -, sentenced: ' ' Not vi no indication of God! ' '. THE BEATLES In the decade of 60, this musical set, formed for four young cabeludos – John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, starting for Liverpool, in England, swept the world with its psicodlicas songs, transforming a generation entire, with its trejeitos and modismos. In its presentations it would histeria, it was general, arriving, in many cases, to madness and collapse, with the young women if unhairing in the presence of its dolos., In 1966, in the height of the success, Paul MacCartney affirmed that ' ' none of us believes in Deus' ' that they were ' ' anticristos' '. In turn, John Lennon defied: ' ' The Christianity will pass. Currently we are more popular of what Jesus' '. However, less than two years later, the group if undid and never more they had obtained to come back to sing together. E, few years later, John Lennon were assassinated by a fan, opposite to the Dakota Building, where it liveed, in New York. TANCREDO SNOWS Candidate to the Presidency of Republic informed for the member of the house of representatives Thales Ramalho who seventy opponents of the PDS would vote in it, Tancredo bravateou in a jeering tone: ' ' If I had seventy votes of the PDS I did not need the aid nor of Deus' '. With effect, in day 15/01/85, it was victorious in the Electoral College, defeating the candidate of the PDS, Pablo Maluf, for 480 votes against 180! However, the ownership marked for 15/03/85, was not become fullfilled. In the previous night, Tancredo was interned to pressas for a surgery of emergency in the Hospital of Base of Brasilia.