Entire Universe

Being nothing it does not stop beyond this condition, is enough that it has broken of the man either printed in the world so that the resultant either from there relative phenomenon to each one. In this way, the criterion most rigorous of definition of the things that are and that they are not is the being and not-to be for the measured man while. Thus, we have that, fortiori, to conclude that it does not have space for a truth or absolute falseness, a being and not-to be with identical quality and pretension. The candidates the things of sensitivity are by means of this same sensitivity, that projects in the world a quality purely human being; the digital ones of the perception of the spirit, that, when added to the causes of the world, they present me the object as synthesis. Now let us add to everything this the superpotencializao of the capacities human beings, as suggested for the Scottish philosopher David Hume in an Inquiry Concerning the Human Agreement, section II 7. Of this attitude to multiply to the infinite that that it is of the man, we remove the human love and the love of God; the wisdom human being and the oniscincia of God; the goodness human being and the goodness of God; the presence human being and the onipresena of God; a force human being and the onipotncia of God (…), and in one mixes Greek contemporary but nor in such a way of deuses with the Christian god, we remove the modest anger of the men and the imperious anger of God; the jealousy and envies of the men and the envy and jealousy of God; the beautiful face of the men and the fulgncia of the face of God. They had not only multiplied the ratio of the penis: here it is of the man, of where your son appeared; here it is of God, of where M31, VyCma appeared the Entire Universe, Titanic, jubarte, monkey, man and, enclosed, the son of the man.