Executive Services

Tomsk city council, as owner of the mup "Energy", this strange deal approved. That surprising, as the Tomsk something similar has already passed: the same scheme in the city worked notorious company "Tomsk utility system." In 2003 jsc "TAS" was also created from scratch by the municipal enterprises, including "Tomskvodokanala, and monitor all financial flows Tomsk communal. As a result, the city suffered heavy losses, and municipal enterprises were bankrupt. By the way, due to bankruptcy Tomsk water utility now has a different name. According to the newspaper, some big businessmen are interested in Tomsk bankruptcy mup "FEC", as this will allow them to clean up the enterprise in hand, but on the right of private property.

In addition, several high-ranking officials, MPs and business leaders seek to destroy the Tomsk Tomsk citizens abstraction and make use of river water. This will be removed from the territory intake (in the area of human settlements and Timiryazevo ) the status of buffer zone and to start mass building these elite land. Economic rationale, however, the mayor of Tomsk was the formal basis for approval of the transaction between the mup "FEC" and jsc "TRC." The Director-General mue tek Cyril gave Mayor Nicholas Nikolaychuk "Feasibility study of the agency contract with JSC" Tomsk Settlement Centre. It turns out that this deal will save a great Vodokanal: "According to the economic analysis of the expected cost of MUP" fec "to perform functions of sales activity for the year will amount to 4.89% from charges for services rendered to subscribers. While the jsc "TRC offers to serve on the marketing activity for 4,8%. Indeed, 0,09% – a big savings, nearly a million rubles! True, the water utility may be much more save on reducing internal costs. For example, in the tariffs "TEC" in 2010 laid 393.8 betting workers supply unit for $ 36 million rubles. However, actually there are about eighty people.

Even if each employee works for two people (two rates), it is still half of the payroll remains unused. And this is as much as 18 million – more than the jsc "TRC" is going to "invest" in the purchase of equipment and software (which will belong to the municipality, and zao "SEC"). Ignored the law Finally, a new scheme of collecting payments for water and wastewater directly violates housing legislation. Collect money from consumers of utility services can only performer of these services. That is the one who signed the contract with consumers for the provision of utility services. And in the payment receipt should be indicated details of Executive Services (including his bank account). And in the payment in December last year, only specify the recipient of funds – jsc "Tomsk billing center. Any contract with this company Tomichi not signed and No public resources the firm does not deliver to consumers. Ministry of Regional Development in a letter 8167-YUT/07 from May 2, 2007 clarifies the situation as follows: "Under subparagraph b of paragraph 38 of the Rules provision of public services to citizens, approved by rf Government Resolution dated May 23, 2006 307, the payment document shall include the name of performer (with the name of entity), the number of its bank account numbers and bank details, address (location), contact telephone numbers, fax numbers. Instructed in the payment document numbers of bank accounts or issues of transit accounts "of other persons (including cash settlement, information and computational, informational and analytical, computational and other similar centers), Russian law does not provide. "