Fasihi GmbH

Ludwigshafen IT company increases sales by 3.89 percent to 2.19 million that remains on the road to success Ludwigshafen-based IT company Fasihi GmbH. In 2010, the company increased sales by more than 3.89 percent to 2.19 million. Reasons for the increase in sales are one of the most important customers of the Fasihi GmbH SE one orders from BASF. On the other hand the company succeeded in the past year new customers for their in-house developed innovative product to win the Fasihi Enterprise Portal. Should stop the positive development, the IT firm will hire more employees. Managing Director Saeid Fasihi sees as guarantors for the continued success of experience in portal technology and qualified staff.

Customer orientation, flexibility and innovation are the best way to attract more new customers on the course of expansion of the company. For ten years, we rely on portal technology. Until today, our programmers over 100 have developed specialties, used in our portal can be. These developments allow individual solutions all customers”, says the Managing Director. By the customers of the company will be greatly appreciated it that they always have to do with contacts who know you personally. The fluctuation in the Fasihi team is due to the good working climate is zero. In recent years, new employees were added.

The medium-sized companies from the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region under the leadership of founder and Managing Director Saeid Fasihi employs approximately 26 full-time employees and 3 trainees. About company Fasihi GmbH: Company Fasihi GmbH offers a flexible and personalized portal solution for the appearance on the Internet, but also for internal company communication (intranet), or for the exclusive communication with business partners (extranet). These include a full Web infrastructure and the complete all-round support. The most important product of the 1990 by CEO Saeid Fasihi of company headquartered in Ludwigshafen is the Fasihi Enterprise Portal with the most difficult company individual information and communication requirements meet themselves. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises is the business and communication solution fep2B (Fasihi Enterprise Portal to business to available). Of the Fasihi GmbH portal solutions range from simple standard solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises to sophisticated solutions for large corporations such as for example the world’s largest chemicals company BASF SE in Ludwigshafen. Work over 40,000 employees with over 50 portal solutions on the basis of the Fasihi Enterprise Portal. For more information on the Internet at. Hermann Martin press spokesman Fasihi GmbH star road 166 67063 Ludwigshafen Tel. 0621-5200780