Federal Aviation Agency

U.S. aviation industry by 2011. release in the series production of the first flying car – "Terrafugia tranzishn" like an airplane. Release of this machine has been approved by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), usa. Auto Avio Cost will be vary between 194 thousand dollars. To control this avtoiobilem-plane of the right to require flying light sport aircraft. Harmonization of the technical characteristics of the "Terrafugia tranzishn" held stress. After all, weight machines 648.5 kg.

That the mass of ordinary sport aircraft, which should not exceed 598 kg. After much speculation the U.S. faa has ranked a flying car to the seaplane, having more weight. Developers "Terrafugia tranzishn" justified the extra weight of their offspring by the presence of many of occupant protection, which, from flying cars. Carl Dietrich – one of the creators of the flying car has explained that "Terrafugia tranzishn "the world's first car with folding wings and its creation is a breakthrough in the world of private transport.

"Terrafugia tranzishn" flight can fly 640 km long. on one filling the tank. Its fuel consumption 100 km. is 7.84 liters, and flight speed 184 km / h. At the moment of touchdown machine for 15 seconds, folds its wings and turns into an ordinary car with fuel consumption per 100 km. – 7.84 liters. At the same time on the road less consumption and is 100 km. – 5.88 liters. Future crew of Terrafugia tranzishn will not be able to sit down on roads with heavy traffic. Airfield and the airport for "Terrafugia tranzishn will not be uncommon. Its creators have provided about 5000 of these sites and runways throughout the United States.