Fiber Dreams

In Japan, created a fiber that includes a crystal tourmaline and natural yarn – Fiber Dreams. Korea invented liquid tourmaline, combined it with natural fibers. We have received Textiles, clothes, clothes. By clicking the link … I know that people are in violation of the peripheral circulation in diabetes can have long to acquire and use socks with tourmaline thread. And this beneficial effects on blood circulation.

Perhaps the same socks and tourmaline with a thread could be used and varicose. For people who lead a sedentary lifestyle (drivers, office processing) are invited to mat seats with tourmaline thread. But I wonder why tourmaline – a gasket? It turns out the anions in a humid environment (mucosal) to move 10 times faster than by air. Therefore, given the speed of the anions of 12 m / sec and the period of their lives, the anion time to get to anywhere in the human body. (These professors Krasnoshchekova AI). In the body of every person in the right proportion, positive and negative charges flowing weak current of 0.06 mA.

Crystals tourmaline produce exactly the same current value. This makes it possible to restore energy balance. Of all the minerals on earth only tourmaline carries a permanent electric charge, for which he and called crystalline magnet. When heated, tourmaline generates low-frequency magnetic field that emits anions that act as follows: increases cellular metabolism, metabolism; improving local blood flow; reduced work the lymphatic system; recovering the endocrine and hormonal systems; improving nutrition in the organs and tissues; strengthens immunity; software life-giving energy of the body; improving the quality of the blood, stimulate blood circulation and thinning the blood so that blood flows in the finest capillaries; apply to the liver; restore the nerves after stressful situations; improve complexion; enhance the potency and sexual function of the body; improve vision, improve memory; ease headaches, dizziness shoots; elimination of odor and antibacterial properties. How come these wonderful things we have, with the help of Professor AI Krasnoshchekova discussed above. Magnetic waves can not be seen through the eyes, to feel, touch, but they are all around us. Using electrical devices, our brains are exposed to strong electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic waves in large quantities can disrupt the human nervous system, the risk of anemia, snoring, decrease immunity. Radiation can be obtained at: watching TV, working on a computer, talking on his cell phone. Products based on Tourmaline protects against electromagnetic waves by 100%. And there are no contraindications!