Friendship University

Even in the higher education system began to occur changes. Standard forms: an educational institution – in the form of full-time, part-time (evening), correspondence, in the form of family education, self-external studies. But in recent years and more intensively distance education, raised the question of religious subjects in school. I myself always felt myself to not willingly some experiments. In school, our class has chosen the experimental and all the innovations, of course, started with us. Currently studying at my favorite Peoples' Friendship University, I also came under some kind of innovation in the education system.

Now, all students learn the main building of the credit-point system. The essence of innovation is that now student must gain balls for the entire semester on the control, attendance and activity in lectures and seminars. Controversy is still going very actively and among students and teachers. Of course, in this system, many advantages, but, unfortunately, is not without its drawbacks. Pros basically that you need to work during the year, picking up points and the absence of the session itself.

But there is not one that was always in the Russian education – personal contact with teaching, writing and oral exam. As much as plus or minus do not know yet. But the good news is that this train, tell, explain. And each student individually explained that he had to and what it will be appreciated. Separately, we note that very frustrating paid education, and even rising costs each year. Now the Ministry of Education to solve many problems and issues. But so far nothing has been done to address possible the key problem of modern Russian higher education – to attract young talent. After a survey of students from different universities, I was surprised, but as one man said that the Soviet model of education where better, and the majority against the Europeanization of our system, and would like to leave the exam form of education. But it later emerged that the students still do not quite understand where these changes will lead. Just at the moment more half of the items mentioned simplification, which is taught in schools and universities. I am convinced that the desire to have all one thing – get a quality education and knowledge that can be actively applied. References: magazine "The left politics," 2007; Wikipedia.