Each person has many and varied characteristics to help him live a good life. To mention just a few of them: God created the human body extremely versatile None of the bodies involved in the realization of oral language is exclusively for such purposes, it is not difficult to discover that each of the parties called articulatory apparatus performing other tasks. The teeth are tools for ripping, shredding or grinding food. The tongue is involved in the digestive process and is a tool to perceive flavors. Uvula, nasal cavity between the mouth and prevents food and liquids from reaching the nose during vomiting. The pharynx serves a respiratory function, aeration of the middle ear, etc.

The larynx performs work swallowing, respiratory, cough, etc. The nasal passage can capture the air and is gateway to perceive smells. The vocal cords are involved in breathing and swallowing. Don as product and capacity Despite being short the biblical narrative on the origin of man, and he is the beginning of language on earth, in it we discover that the creature, crown of creation, you receive a language . sta was employed by the first human couple during their cohabitation. All I can say in terms of historical linguistics on the nature of that first language, falls into the realm of speculation. However, in response to the statement in Genesis 11: 1, was for years a linguistic uniformity, because during those years because of the language used by Heaven to the first man and the descendants of him until the incident at Babel, when the source of diversification of language.