George Washington Bridge

And if you consider that many state residents working in New York and make this move for two times a day, everything becomes crystal clear. I must say that the bridges that connect New Jersey with neighboring states, stunningly beautiful. But even against this background stands the George Washington Bridge. This two-tiered hanging bridge more than a kilometer in length connects New Jersey and Manhattan. Do not forget to capture it on camera, not only during the day but at night when it shimmers with lights like a giant Christmas garland.

And then buy some small glass mugs or a set of glasses, decorated with a picture of this bridge. On the glass bridge picture, especially in color, looks like the same weird, as in life. Upon returning home, the dishes perfectly play role of small souvenirs for your friends and colleagues. Began to explore the sights of the state, you know that this is where the famous Princeton. Founded in the middle of the xviii century, this worthy representative "Ivy League" does not hand over its positions and is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the country. New Jersey in general, and Princeton in particular, are proud of their famous alumni of Woodrow Wilson and Grover Cleveland, who later became president. In this town lived Albert Einstein, and even though it has not taught it at Princeton University in Princeton, is his house-museum. After visiting the attractions that are not Indulge yourself to wander through the campus.