Global Change

Human activity is irreversibly changing the climate of planet Earth. Everything turned out much worse than expected, scientists. If the entire XX century the average temperature in the northern hemisphere the earth's surface has risen by only 0,6 C, in the years 1950-1993 every 10 years, the temperature was raised to 0,2 C. Global warming at the beginning of the XXI century turned into torrential rains in the UK and Germany in the winter. Catastrophically hotter weather occurs in Europe last three years. Previously, the weather was considered abnormal, it is now the norm.

At the conclusion of the International Division of Control on Climate Change (GRSS), the cause of climate change is the burning of fossil hydrocarbons. This leads to excessive concentrations of carbon dioxide and violates the structure of the atmosphere. Recycle increased by almost a quarter of the amount of carbon dioxide 'lungs of the planet' is no longer able – forests are cut down faster than the time to grow artificial planting. Mankind has adapted to suit your needs 40% of the land, where natural ecosystems are destroyed almost completely. In this situation, the main burden of processing carbon dioxide clouds, falls to Oceans: oxidized, it absorbs every day for at least 25 million tons of carbon dioxide. According to experts, was exemplary in 2001, he has identified weather forecast for the entire XXI century. By 2050, the terrestrial biosphere as a giant screen, will absorb carbon dioxide unabated year after year and passing all the more harmful radiation. Global warming could wipe Shishmafera island (on the west coast of Alaska) from the map. Relative to the average 1992 level years (minimum was 1,4 C) by 2010, temperatures will rise to 5,8 C. The most pessimistic forecasts that by 2100 the dramatic story of Alaska will be completed Shen, the temperature will rise to 10 degrees Celsius: the tundra becomes, the ice will be continue to thaw, permutation chickpeas appear in these latitudes, polar bears, seals and other marine mammals, the locals were forced to leave their historic homeland.