Global Entrepreneurship

This allows your economic unit to overcome crises and remove even profit from them. Entrepreneur Creole has developed a strong commitment and social solidarity, their mission is not just develop their companies or organizations only. It seeks that its success will also translate into benefits for your environment, for dispossessed sectors or their own country. Several of them develop actions of support and social assistance of various kinds. Successful entrepreneurs attributed the development of the described qualities, on two important factors: initial training in the bosom of his family.

These entrepreneurs say that in their homes drove them to autonomy, confidence in themselves, the achievement of concrete goals, responsibility and perseverance. Next to the previous factor, highlights some of the skills that entrepreneurs have known subsequently as innovation, develop interest in certain area and leadership skills. According to Bilbao and Pachano, authors of the study on the traits and attitudes of successful entrepreneurs in Latin America, it is not enough to possess the qualities of a Entrepreneur successful, requires also a minimally favourable context for the development of the same. Hence the importance of structuring a system education, especially University, which stimulates these qualities and provide the right tools for concretizing bold business ideas. A minimum of legal, economic and social security, allows to realize these initiatives on more advantageous terms. In the study, has been identified a close correlation between the entrepreneur profile and success of enterprises that are created and directed by these people. Generally speaking, it’s small and medium-sized companies which have achieved high growth processes, after a period of stabilization, taking advantage of the specific circumstances of the economy, politics and social dynamics in each country. One-third of the entrepreneurs of the world are women, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2006 Report on Women and Entrepreneurship. This study, which includes data from 40 countries, among which is Spain, ensures that every time there are more women entrepreneurs, especially in countries with low income levels, where narrows the gap between women and men at the forefront of business.