Global Environmental Outlook

And are not we using in an environmentally sustainable. This means that we are consuming and degraded at a rate much higher than that of recovery. And, to continue and sooner or later go extinct. A UN report warning that 70% of the land surface is threatened by urban development and infrastructure makes us "It is neither an alarmist document, nor a gloss over the harsh challenges that we face. It is the most authoritative assessment of where we've been, where we came from and where you may go. " So, forceful, Klaus Toepfer, director of the UN agency for the Environment, presented the report 'Global Environmental Outlook, "which in his analysis of what happened in the last thirty years and what will happen in the following offers a grim picture.

The report, compiled by over 1,000 experts, claims that the planet is at a crossroads regarding the crucial decisions to be adopted today, and that will be essential for the salvation of forests, oceans, rivers, fauna and flora. Among the major threats include the environmental quality degradation of the planet, which is increasing people's vulnerability to natural phenomena such as cyclones, floods or droughts, which also increases the risk of food insecurity. In this situation, and undeniable evidence: the number of people affected by natural disasters rose from an average of 147 million a year in the 80s to 211 in the nineties. Global financial losses exceeded for this reason late last century, one hundred billion dollars. The UN, which ensures that this will primarily affect the least developed countries, relates the acceleration of natural disasters to climate change caused by atmospheric emissions.