Group Green

yellow/natural / tierrElemento earth colors. Yellow, ochre (hydrous hierrro oxide) and natural are reassuring that expressing permanence, stability, solidity and attachment to the traditional. Reflects a good character, sociable and optimistic. Recommended for projecting a conservative image and family, when he or she presents to us his family, to receive payments and investments, selling insurance, sign contracts, visiting sick. Combined with black, dark blue, Brown and green military. Avoid these colors when you need appear dynamic and innovative, to break out of the routine, to be the first to submit an idea or project, to compete or Excel. VERDEElemento wood.

It shows that you are a firm in your convictions and you feel independent. Fashion is always a transitional color; It suggests growth, new ideas and originality. Recommended for moms, teachers, gardeners, designers and artists; to meet with friends. A black trousers looks great with an emerald green blouse. You can combine it with yellow, red, cream, Brown, white, violet.

It avoids the green if you need to project an image of strength, stability, maturity and confidence, if you are going to sign a contract, advise or to visit sick. ROJOElemento fire. It is characterized for being daring, joyful and Extrovert. When we dress red our presence is accentuated, we attract the attention, we transmitted power and we inspire confidence. In the Office environment you must use it with discretion, because it induces others to make decisions fast and instinctive, even aggressive. Take it in your trousseau if you want to be the soul of the party, attract looks, who he or she chooses, etc.. You can combine it with blue, black, cream, grey and white. Prevents red when you need to be patient and retailers with you, if you’re going to face a conflict situation, that first day in your new job, if you are going to study in Group – colors – GRISProyecta BONO forbearance, seriously. It is characterized by its neutrality. You can combine it with blue, yellow, green, red, light blue and pink. ROSADOProyecta an unobtrusive, quiet and shy personality. You can combine it with dark blue pieces, black, grey and white. COFFEE/Marrondemuestra a restless, bold, sensual and individualistic temper. You can combine it with orange or lime green. CREMAEste color can provide us with a combination of emergency, us out of trouble, since practically combines with everything. It looks very well with cold as blue or warm like wine tones. AZULDelata a quiet, sensitive and reliable personality. Dark blue is a neutral tone appropriate for formal activities and business, both night and day, and combined with white, pink, cream, red, green and yellow.