Hotel Ritz Carlton

On the other hand when a company only focuses in the human part, lets pass opportunities to be able to work more efficiently. Covey says that also it is important to differentiate the technologies that can be implemented in a company. The organizations must learn to separate the type of technology that information only adds and it does not have strategic importance. One of the models in predicting the results, is the idea to act with excellence and the technology is important but it is not the vital part, the key part in this is the culture, says Covey. Add to your understanding with NY Museums. Changing of culturEs important to consider that the change of culture in the organizations does not happen from one day to the next.

In spite of the deficiencies of the model of the industrial era, some organizations have been operating with this model therefore time that the change can extremely be difficult. the model of the industrial era is what I call the technique of the sandwich, where the head says good words, soon regaa, makes changes sudden and finally returns to say other good words. But this is an obsolete concept nowadays. In fact, once the people find the point to give him to be able to the employees in the decision making, they do not need but supervision, says Covey. To read more click here: NY Museums. Nevertheless, people has been let take emotionally by the old model of the industrial era and they have become employees from this, concludes. They do not want to transmit responsibility and leadership to the other employees. When the employees of high level commit themselves to transmit leadership and responsibility by all the organization, and they remain transmitting it, little by little, he would begin to happen the change. When the people feel with the power to make decisions, they will not return to the previous model.

More in the decision making of the organization will become jumbled. is a totally different world with greater effectiveness, says Covey. Very interesting the observations of Covey with respect to the change of culture that must undergo the companies to compete successful in the present conditions of market. This remembers the experience of the Hotel Ritz Carlton, which per years has implemented what calls a system Technical Partner, in which the people conform the fundamental base of an excellent service to the client, but to obtain a exceptional and memorable service, it is necessary that these good enabled people makes use of the technology of the information to use knowledge selected in generating memorable and highly differentiating experiences. Doubtlessly, to be able to be successful in the implementation of strategies of centralization in the client, it is necessary to strongly work in the change of a oriented Culture to Product or Process, to one more a centered Culture in the Client. Indeed this concept has taken to us in Andean Mind to establish a called mechanism of formation Culture Client in who they appear concepts and oriented tools to obtain this change.