Indoor Cleaning Line

The new TuV-certified lime Interior plaster line creates a residential healthy climate in all rooms as allergy sufferers can breathe finally freed. (tdx) Some 25 million allergy sufferers live in Germany. The trend is rising due to rising pollution and increasing stress in everyday life. Allergy sufferers often react to the smallest burden of indoor climate. The allergy itself often does not eliminate, but can the symptoms be mitigated. That is why are hypo-allergenic to a healthy living environment and appreciate a living environment as possible allergens. The highest residential health for a material inspection criterion is therefore the impact for people with allergies. Because only if a building material is free of pollutants, allergens and germs, he can not leave them on the air and create a residential healthy climate also for allergy sufferers.

TuV Nord has suitable products with the certificate for allerGIKer the Pan cleaning technique first mineral Interior plasters as dry mortar”award. Limestone Interior plasters can, due to their high capillary conductivity and diffusion properties absorb moisture from the air, cache, and if necessary return to the air. The noticeably the Interior climate both in summer and in winter. The healthy living series consists of four clean: for ease of use, design sophisticated surfaces can be achieved with Swivel KIP, lime smoothness, fine Lime plaster and felt flush. SanSil completes TuV-certified lime Interior plaster line which is new interior paint for a residential healthy indoor climate with the new silicate paint SanSil available now also the ideal final coating the Pan limestone Interior plaster line. You optimally supports the moisture-regulating properties of lime plasters and contributes to a residential healthy indoor climate in the entire residential and Interior in old and new. As high-quality matte white silicate paint was suitable SanSil as the entire lime Interior plaster line by TuV Nord as for allergy-free”certified and is especially useful because of the guaranteed allergen controlled ingredients for sensitive individuals such as children and people with allergies.

The production of environmentally and health friendly products like the new lime Interior plaster line is at swivel according to the guiding principle building materials for life”a central theme of the corporate philosophy. Today’s products are manufactured economically according to ecological principles. All products of Pan cleaning technique are certified with the environmental product declarations of the Institute of building & environmental. For more information on the Internet at. Tanja EST