Jaime Tadeu Oliva

The great challenge of the professor of geography, to if considering to form citizens is to make with that the pupil desperte the knowledge for the questioning on the society, being transmitted a reflection to be made, not developing a ready speech to be accepted for the pupil. When it is considered in transforming the speech academic, we must have the care of not subestimar the pupil, falling in ' ' achismo' ' of that it will not go to understand certain subject, thus bringing a ready and finished speech. The academic debate is necessary to more bring a little for the classrooms of basic education and average, it is what the author Jaime Tadeu Oliva, calls ' ' pedagogiazar' '. In this direction, it says in them that: (…) ' ' Pedagogizar' ' it does not mean to take off the complexity and to more substitute the scientific language, that equally does not have independent value, (…) than indissoluvelmente associated to its contents in offers a type to them of reading of the world that is enlightening and therefore constitutes a patrimony to construct our proper destinations. Therefore, it does not have that to have fear in preventing the scientific language.

(Oliva, 1995, p.43) Thus, to place the pupil in a position of critical citizen must be formed a knowledge, that it searchs to question the problems where they are inserted, to the step that the professor, using itself of the academic language, places the pupil in a picture as subject of the reality where he lives. When questioning, definitive pupil on the problems that they find in its quarter, as sewer, until more serious problems in global scale, it starts to better understand the function of geography as of one it disciplines of formation partner-citizen. In the model of current education that we have today and the formation proposal in the education schools basic, that it is a partner-critical formation, capable of he becomes the pupils in operating citizens in the society, we cannot more accept that the professor if arrests only to the existing content in the didactic book, of which the same uses in its lessons.