KoTTER Is Committed

Financial support and cooperation in junior staff training Witten/food. The KAKAR’s family services group services (www.koetter.de) in future supports the University of Witten/Herdecke as promoters. “The commitment was in advance of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow (11-12 February) held series of events Congress for family business” announced. This is also supported for many years by the Kal group. Witten/Herdecke is, for almost three decades for the promotion of personal initiative and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as hands-on training by working closely with corporations and family-owned company”Martina says Kakar, Managing Director of Kal management services. Specifically the direct alignment of the courses to the specific needs of family businesses has a special significance for us.” So the University with the Wittener Institute provides including your own family business (WIFU) Institution, which is focused on the particularities, future leaders in family-run businesses facing. The 2010 successfully launched in October and by AQAS accredited master in family business management (M.SC.) “has been in the past week as a landmark in the land of ideas” award. “In the competition 365 landmarks in the land of ideas” are under the auspices of the Federal President since 2006 projects selected, representing Germany with ingenuity, creative passion and visionary thinking to the land of ideas.

With the award the University was already for the fourth time as a landmark in the land of ideas”award. In addition to financial support, also a cooperation in training is planned. So, students – under the mentor company programme offered by the University to collect practical experience in management, administration, operation and organization of the company. This is the programme in the longer term and therefore goes beyond individual multi-week internships also. Students and companies will benefit from such continuous cooperation”, Martina believes Kakar. Another aspect: in the occupation of trainee positions, which also holds the company, there will also a cooperation.