Madeira Netto

2.2. Remote Sensoriamento According to Meneses and Madeira Netto (2001), between them you vary definitions of the remote sensoriamento, simplest and it defines usual it as being one technique of acquisition of physical data of existing objects in the surface, without it direct has physical contact between the sensor and the object. A to be considered point is that it does not have physical contact between the sensor and the object, what means absence of substance in the space inserted between the object and the sensor, the physical data on objects can be carried or be transferred to the sensor through the atmosphere or of the vacuum. This process of information transference alone can occur by means of the electromagnetic radiation? REM, a time that is the only form of capable energy of if propagating in the vacuum and crossing the atmosphere. Based in this, the remote sensoriamento can be defined as a measure of energy exchanges, that it results in the interaction of the energy contained in the REM of determined wave length, with the energy of atoms and constituent molecules of that material.

This technique became basic from the moment that takes care of to the necessity of the Man of ' ' to go up to the space to see the Terra' '. The sensors on board the satellites of remote sensoriamento had become it extension of the human eyes to see our planet, a time that these eyes had obtained to surpass the power of the vision of the Man being increased the capacity to identify terrestrial objects, much beyond the wave lengths of the light normally perceived by the vision human being. The used remote sensors detect the intensity of the reflected or emitted REM whose intensity and quality is function of the physical properties that define the absortncia and the transmitncia of the object.