It would like you that your Web site is magnetic, that magnetizes your visitors? The Dictionary defines magnetic as " powerfully atractivo". He brushes Barton, author of best Sellers and proprietor of the agency of greater publicity in years 20, said: " The subject (of the publicity) must be based on two principles: First, when one is interested in itself, Secondly when one this interested in others personas." What causes that your Web site is interesting? A good design plays an important role in the general effectiveness of your site. The flash does not give interest to your hearing, nevertheless the benefit – (" what has for m") , it is what your list creates, and causes that your page of beginning is interesting. It creates your full main page of benefits and you will have to your I publish objective been thankful for, and interested in returning to by but. Then, you know so that it clearly, your product/service is much more attractive that a pretty and modern page Web. Service instead of your biography, or your credentials promotes the benefits of your product/, and colcalos in the place adapted in your Web site.

Something important that you must know, is that in fact your I publish, but that the product/service that you offer to him in your main page, wishes the value of the same. You will have to answer questions like: " It is going to solve my problem in particular? " , " What I am going to win? " , " What I am going to lose if I do not use east service? " There am a tutorial express on like magnetizing your main page here: 1. One elaborates lists between 10-20 benefits of each product/service. For example, a client mine realized of which his public not only wanted to know how the articles are written, wanted to know why it of that way must write.