Meaning Deficiency

The inclusion of the legal point of view appeared before they more had adjusted formations for the professors, where if could have argued the referring questions to the inclusion so that it did not have what today we find in the majority of the educators: the barrier of not acceptance. Not acceptance this, that comes masked for jarges of the type: ' ' I do not have formao' ' , ' ' I do not have knowledge especfico' ' , ' ' we do not have materials and methodologies adequadas' ' , that they hide the preconception for if having one ' daily pay-conceito' of who they are the pupils with educational necessities special. It is necessary reverse speed (to construct) with the professors of the possible inclusive school the meaning of some labels as deficiency, incapacity, retardation and as much others that are part of history, searching to disentail the deficiency, of the capacity of the person to make to be to be person, to be capable, to be happy beyond its difficulties, therefore these are not the proper citizen, but, they only represent a parcel of its constitution human being. We know that for success inside of this system of education, one has two parameters as already was said, the way of enxergar the system and the reciprocity of the educator and the special pupil. For the education, the citizen with deficiency is one ' ' pupil especial' ' , whose main necessities demand resources, equipment and definite levels of specialization in accordance with the physical condition, sensorial or mental. The proper system admits that this type of education has a series of barriers that makes it difficult the process of the inclusion, however has of if placing ideas so that let us be, next to the perfectioning, and improvement of this method of education in our country.