For delirium of the people who today have, as Fbio Jr would say, ' ' 20 and few anos' ' or more, the culture pop of years 80 is in return. Suddenly, a homesickness of the Playmobil, the Lollo chocolate and the Minichiclets beat to the door of thousand of people who had so lived that amused decade, descompromissada, that it had a coolness and an innocence that, probably, never more will be tried by new ' ' generations digitais' '. He is clearly that this ' ' revival cultural' ' it came headed for most popular of the art forms: music. What it was for many and many years considered piegas came back to tona as, they astonish vocs that always had found Sidney Magal ' ' king of breguice' ' , cult. This exactly: CULT. Currently, Rosana (that one that sang ' ' as one deusaaaaaaa ' ' , it remembers), Gilliard and until the Sheep? this pra to only cite some names? they are considered ' ' fillet mignon instead of meat of terceira' '. Musically speaking, this ascension of ' ' plebeian for nobres' ' that the singers and groups musical comedies of the decade of 80 had had are, to a large extent of the cases, absurd, since the majority of them had small or no improvement in terms of harmonic quality, rhythmic and/or meldica. The question is that, what seems, it is exactly the simplicity of the music that if produced in that period that comes calling the attention and bringing nostalgia to who it lives in century XXI.

Currently, great part of the music that is produced not alone in Brazil but in all the planet has added electronic elements to the traditional instruments, what ' ' desumanizou' ' finished standardizing a little the songs. Mechanic is everything very, the strokes always are seemed thanks to the electronic batteries and to the DJs, and believe that this finished tiring the ears them people. To come back to hear those simple melodies that in them were presented all Saturdays to the afternoon in ' ' Program of the Chacrinha' ' in them it brought an undeniable sonorous relief. The fact is that it is a delight to be able to go to a party and again to hear the Blitz, Lobo all those artists who had composed great part of the sonorous track of our lives. If he is ' ' brega or chique' ' (he remembers the novel homnima of the same decade? Rs) it fits to each one to analyze or simply to forget the conventions and to use to advantage.