Mountain Village

Animals up close experience in the Alps the Alpine Habitat is home to many different shy animals and rare plants. One is on the way, it often returns without the hoped-for impressions. The animals on the Hochkonig mountain village brings them together. Manfred Groundhog, the mascot of the mountain village, accompanied the guests on a journey through the mountain habitat. Muhlbach and next above the many Alpine pastures to the High King, waiting for many worthwhile destinations on children and parents. For example the Ant trail passes over 200 ant hill. The boards inform the useful power packs, what they eat, how they build their Hill or why they know so well to fight back. Similar listened on the Ant roads and hills is in the insect hotel.

Whom it already to itch begins at the thought of the insects on the skin, which treads the path of the Marmot prefer. A marmot family lives more than 20 years of experience directly on the side of the road. When the Arthurhaus on 1,500 m was an extra for the small fur animals Attached enclosure. Adventure farm knee well the animals on the farm may be something everyday for one, but for others they are the exception and the epitome of freedom in the country. Cows, horses, goats or pigs up-close experience. And what do the Alpacas away so far from their homeland? The horses can not only be fondled under the professional instructions and trainings of the instructor sit myself up at the end and is included with a ride. A day is hardly sufficient meet the animals on the High King really the mountain village. Hotel Bergheimat is a first class hotel for the whole family right on the slope of the High King. From there, you can start in a new adventure every day.