Non-Verbal Language To Increase Sales

According to many researchers (Albert Nehrabian, Bird Whistell, Anthony Robbins and others) the communication is made up of: 7% = 93% say = how to say this 93% is composed of: 1) voice – intensity – volume – tone – voice quality – speed of mother tongue – ring 2) Non-Verbal language – breathing – eye – gesture – posture – movement body movements – but facial movements, language not Verbal is this something new? It is true that it is something that is very fashionable, but in reality, non-verbal language is something that is with us since the beginning of the existence of the human being. To get idea how long the man knows communicate through words, if we spread a string of 100 meters, only the space occupied by the head of a pin would be the equivalent to when we had the ability to communicate through words. Therefore, it seems that our species has been reported during the greater part of its existence through a series of gestures that have helped you when it comes to live in a social way and show all what we now express through words, like fear, submission, affection, respect, etc truly incredible comes now. When it comes to communicate with others, even though we perceive the words at the conscious level, collect much more information at the subconscious level 7% a conscious 93% a subconscious of this way for example, if someone smiling us with the mouth but not with eyes and cares for us, perhaps, away we have a bad feeling, as that something has gone well. ‘Ve not commented never what to do not know why but this person has given me a bad feeling? This is because there was an inconsistency between what he said (7%) and language (nonverbal (93%) and this your subconscious picks it. Continuing the theme of the smile, a French scientist named Guillaume Duchenne de Boulongne discovered that this gesture zygomatic muscles control it and unite the corners of the mouth with the orbicularis oculi that are responsible for take back the eyes. The interesting thing is that the zigmaticos are handled consciously, IE manipulable while the orbicularis oculi act autonomously and therefore are activated at the time of produce a sincere smile.

If not, check out this video of John Mcain (candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America). Therefore, very careful with non-verbal language to the contact with a customer or any person because you can give away and I can’t help that they don’t trust you. Remember: the smiles are a signal of non-aggression. Sincere smiles involve eyes and face. Better a bad smile that no smile if VAS to talk by telephone, get smiling GRIMACE, is PERCEIVED to level SUBCONSCIENTE.* Roberto MENeNDEZ if you are interested in knowing more about business skills and negotiation, sign up for the free course method MENENDEZ challenge commercial 30 days at: original author and source of the article..