Paternity by expropriation and the withdrawal demand of the President against his ex-wife for custody of their daughter garnered a fair and vivid interest of Venezuelans. Beyond of an exclusive matter of the right to private life, the Chief of the Venezuelan Edo has commissioned strongly involve us in the narrow circuit of their personal relationships, with their continual allusions to the behaviors of the links with their relatives. Is that perhaps in these years has not done its utmost to dissolve under the cult of if same, supported in the choir of the unworthy and opportunists seals that accompany it, the settling of what belongs to the scope of the public and which corresponds to the strict domain of private? Coincidentally we learned, by the mouth of the President himself, that he has withdrawn the demand already initiated against his former spouse whose object was the eminent, as it has done with State institutions and much of the public and private property, the daughter of both. Do not hide nor that we are glad that this disturbance against the daughter, mother and Finally against democracy and the institutions that support it and that were going to be altered to enable it to fulfill its whim, has been postponed by the President. We say deferred, by that we understand, just as it has been doing with the rejected constitutional reform, the President will try to achieve their purposes that his youngest daughter out of the guardianship of his mother and is he who direct their training under its nineteenth-century warlord parameters on horseback, making sure to put the minor to except what will judge as unacceptable squalid conception of the maternal environment. We believe that the President has wanted to act against Maria Isabel by revanchism following that this aligned next to his adversaries against his neocomunista project of power and eternal reelection.