Paulo Learning

She is through these relations that the people can become more human beings, learning to more live the game of the affectivity in adjusted way. So that it exists capacity to learn is necessary that the child forms adequate mental actions, initially existing under the form of external events that are appropriate for the individual and gradual interiorizados. In this way, the learning is a content of the experience human being and the shared actions that the child assumes it keeping contact with its group. Therefore, when thinking about the pupils as children and citizens, we will see that it is impossible to place to the part school, family and society, therefore the task to teach does not compete only to the professor, even though because the pupil does not learn but in the school, among others things, it also learn through the family, of the friends, the considered people significant, of the medias, daily it. Therefore, she is necessary that professors, family and community have clearly that the school, for its complexity, needs to count on the envolvement of all in what says respect to the failure pertaining to school. REFERENCES ALAM, N.S. Assuming the Failure Pertaining to school. Text published in the Daily one of the Morning.

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