How to overcome the obstacles more difficult in life and find happiness. Who of us does not did a problem today in day? do many of us we have not seen to difficult situations in which at times have felt that already we cannot more? It seems that it is the common denominator in this life. The problems are not missing. We must however prepare us wishing only good things. We think the best and expect the best.Sometimes our conscious is aligned with our unconscious and when we want to think about good things, suddenly our unconscious does not block these thoughts and annihilates them, returning to the negative thinking of: poverty; Problems, few, low self-esteem, and many others more thoughts that do not lead to anything good.We must practise the awareness, the awareness is the key to success, the awareness is one of the things more important in life. If consiques mentalizing you have half of the success assured. That is the awareness? Mentalizing is is to believe that something might happen, regardless of circumstances do external to us rodean.Como achieve the awareness? s question to train the mind, is the daily training based on concentrate and focus on something particular forget reality, stay away for a few moments of reality, sensitising you is daydreaming and concentrating all your energy to that what these thinking or imagining can turn into reality. To train the awareness, practices every day by 10 minutes spaces, stay away from the noise and aislate somewhere in your house where you do not disturb or in any Park or place public, where anyone you might interrupt. Relax, take a deep breath about 3 times, close your eyes and forget the reality that surrounds you. Think about what you would like to be, what you would like to have, what you would like to conquer, don’t limit yourself, think big.You can start by imagine that you are in a beautiful Lake early in the morning, you find yourself only, you look to your around and not exists people, only the crystal blue water, only the horizon, the vegetation that surrounds the Lake: feel the air on your face, on your body and at that moment tries to breathe that air reaches your face.