Raul Gil

In the same year he was invited to sing one more time in Jacuprianga, of this time inside of the stadium of the city, in the party of the truck driver, Raphael did not have its formed band, and then Play-back used, went up to palco, to sing music Emotions of Roberto Carlos, however the Technician of sound freed music in half Raphael said that it was made a mistake, received a vaia from 8.000 people, its mother ran stops backwards of palco, thinking that it would go to go down and he would not more go to sing, but Raphael aguentou firm and strong, and when the sound was reestabelecido, it entered singing Sings famous Brazil in the voice of the GAL Coast, if it perceived that to the start of this music its voice was torn, I cry engolindo it, its mother cried to the foot of the stairs that gave access palco, and its father cried of pride therefore the boy showed to have pulse, a child of 12 years to still take a vaia of 8 a thousand people and to continue in palco is a very great fact, to the end of its presentation the mayor of the city of Jacupiranga made question to go comprimenta it in palco and to say some words on it. In 2003 it returns to Raul Gil, makes the test again and again he is approved, of this time its mother wants to take off that label that was of ' ' menininho that he sings in ingls' ' , and then it takes the auditorium to the delirium singing Peace of my love of Vieira Luiz in a more good-tempered version. In the following week it enters with music Emotions of Roberto Carlos, without a doubt this is a music that of very certain pra it therefore did not finish losing. .