Raunzts Ned! Tragts GAD!

It is yellow! On September 4th, 2010 is Yellowday! Very nice dared what Gernot Glasl, initiator of the “YELLOWDAY” there has taken on! In Austria, in the land of Raunzens and Semperns, he wants to introduce a day of joy of life. And now, every year, every first Saturday in September! “Throughout Austria is called upon, on September 4 yellow to get dressed and put on his widest grin!” so gang. “I want to create a tag, the one with impunity can admit, having it not so bad. Goal is to make the YELLOWDAY a fixed point in the year.” And he added “even if it comes this year very spontaneously and quickly concluded, we forward the many positive feedback. For example, our facebook group has grown rapidly in the last few weeks and so the YELLOWDAY is also internationally known.” YELLOWDAY (www.yellowday.at) course is a 100% non-profit event. To bring some more sun in the everyday life of a spontaneous idea and aware to the Joie de Vivre in the foreground make, it is organized on the 4th of September for the first time this year.

Unfortunately too much of daily life turns grey and without apparent reason it agonizes through the day. The YELLOWDAY should bring back some more sun and lightness in the hearts and faces of the people. To begin, that you met with a friendly smile and continue up to convivial meetings together. Serves as a catalyst the sunny color yellow and to also be a visible sign of YELLOWDAY to participants are motivated to dress up this day in yellow. Spontaneous contacts that cross all societal boundaries, should be encouraged. In this sense “HELLO YELLOW!”.