Renuevate Y flies Te invite you to a journey to the world? Good news we are going traveling Siiii! Hola que tal, in is occasion I would like to invite you to a very special trip, but first all I want to share with you some changes I’ve spent lately with the process of renovation that began with my page and hence was extending a little more… Since I started to inquire about the law of attraction, I have had very significant moments in my life, some have exploited them and others have chosen not to do so. This has led me to have many uplifting changes, but also, errors not to seize opportunities, but have no doubt left me a great learning. And by consequence a stride in my mental, physical and spiritual growth. Most likely, your you came to my page, facebook, twitter or any article looking for how to apply the law of attraction, why you do not work the law of attraction or how to change your life using the law of attraction etc., etc., I know by questions sent me through my page, and because at some specific point in my journey I felt exactly like you. You know? one of those small moments that I transformed was when I found the page of Victor mirror and please me not Lordship, I am not referring to the hero who rescued me, if not as an excellent guide, like a little voice that constantly whispers to date to help me discover my inner potential capacity (no one more outside) and clear other mentors I’ve had butmy main bases come from him. In these last few weeks I’ve been watching carefully the videos that has given and they sincerely moved me many emotions, suddenly I realized that opened a door that only looked at distance, because you’ll be sincere, which apply the law of attraction and transmit it, doesn’t mean you don’t have challenges, issues to solve and who tell you that it has no problems, to be a connoisseur of the law of attraction life always goes beautifully, lie, because we are constantly in the process of renewal and evolution and just behind a great challenge, there is an opportunity to improve and change, reinvent us these videos gave me home much motivation, joy, empowerment..