Rescue Teams

Santiago .- March 6, 2007. On March 6, 2007, in the commune of Vitacura, Santiago de Chile. Landslide. Commanding the Fourth Santiago Fire Commander, Christopher Goni. A dog method of Chest Santiago Fire Department quickly determined the location of Rodolfo Antonio Gonzalez Pangue, buried, but was removed from his body, already dead, several meters deep and under tons of earth. COLOMBIAN CIVIL DEFENSE Hacari Municipality of Norte de Santander, correct the Crystal Macondo, Colombia-June 24, 2008.

Landslide. A dog Chest method Colombian Civil Defense said, after a quick and efficient location and search operation, which lasted only several seconds, marking the exact spot where he was the only living person named Ender Jose Botello, 22 age (which was buried when his house razed to the ground and mud completely in that incident) who subsequently was rescued alive, even when he was running out of oxygen available. The avalanche occurred at 02:00 hours and Rescue Teams could not reach the area of the incident until 15:00 hours, approximately, due to the high difficulty of access. The guide dog was Leonardo Picon Torrado Colombian Civil Defense (Sectional Norte de Santander, Board of Ocana, Colombia). Reports: Mayor Luis Alberto Marin Guerrero Guides Canine Instructor at the National School of Carabineros and Principal Investigator of Project Peace Dogs Humanitarian Demining, the Ministry of National Defense of Colombia. FIRE SPECIALISTS GROUP OF CASTILLA AND LEoN GOVERNMENT JUNTA DE CASTILLA Y LEON, SPAIN. Antofagasta, Chile .- Monday February 2, 2009. Creek landslide in La Cadena (Antofagasta, Chile) A method dog Chest Specialist Group Fire Castile and Leon, after a quick and efficient search operation and location, marking the exact spot where two people were in the Jaime Araya Bernabel miners Collisoyo, buried to 4 meters deep, under tons of earth and rocks, which were removed hours later (though already dead).