Safety Shoes By Johann Van Elten

Safety shoes with accurate personal foot shape Elten safety shoes with their motto is made of passion in 1910 founded in Uedem on the lower Rhine by Johann van Elten, his vision provided the breakthrough for the modern Elten safety shoe, as we know it today: the revolutionary invention of the first Elten safety shoes made of leather instead as it was otherwise for the shoes usually made of wood or yarn. Elten produces approximately 1.5 million pairs this Elten safety shoes in the year. 170 employees in Europe these the quality Elten safety shoes manufacture. From this tradition, which is closely linked with the personal commitment of each individual in your company, the man, his protection and his safety at the heart of the Elten safety shoes are for them. Elten safety shoes give a good feel, to be really sure. And it has a confirmed reason. Elten safety shoes are manufactured not only in uncompromising value work on an excellent quality standard, because they comply with special, that part go far beyond the normal standards. Perhaps it is this constant orientation to the directives of the people why their employees a little more motivated, our approach a bit friendly, their decisions a little shorter and their work processes are more relaxed.

One reason for Elten safety shoes is why your customer when you feel always a little better off. That this will remain so in the future, that they enter with their whole energy to produce Elten safety shoes. Elten has also an own foot measuring system Elten’s security shoes fit perfectly. The foot is exactly measured with highly sensitive cameras. In just a few seconds a precise data of the human foot with accurate personal foot shape appearance. But also for leadership positions Elten safety shoes have many copies as you need to be flexible. The customer meeting, go to the tour, from the corporate presentation to the technical coordination in the production of the workday requires many executives different things off.