School Trips In Tuscany

Study trips can turn into an unforgettable experience of the group a final drive with “Sea and culture”. A vast, delicate shaped Hugelandschaft with slender cypress trees, shady pine trees, grey silver shimmering olive groves and vast vineyards. Almost no other area has a such a unique face like Tuscany. The Tuscans have given magnificent treasures and buildings US, that have significantly influenced European art and culture. In the towns of Pisa, Lucca, Siena and San Gimignano, visitors in museums, galleries and churches find testimonies from ex long time.

The many buildings dating from the Gothic and Renaissance show great. Unique tours for school trips in Tuscany day trip to Florence for history buffs young people this fascinating city is worth getting an excursion. The city of Florence is entering the phase of the early Renaissance. Here you will find a vast amount of Kunstschatzen.An this place must have been one on a school trip in Tuscany. Lucca the City is embraced by mighty walls of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The historic core intrigued by beautifully decorated churches and elegant patrician houses. The Duomo of San Martino with its outdoor facade is reminiscent of the Cathedral of Pisa.

In contrast to the lightness, the column portico is the well-fortified volume of the crenellated Tower. The Church consecrated in 1147 by San Frediano is adorned with a large assumption mosaic on the facade. Ride to San Gimignano a trip into home of Chianti, to San Gimignano, is promising. 15 up to 54 meters high towers lining the city image and therefore it is called the “Manhattan of Tuscany” again. In the Church of San Agostino, the famous cycle of frescoes from the life of Saint Augustine of hippo is to admire. Visit Carrara along the picturesque coastline of Versilia with the Glanzen Eden background of the Apuan Alps, directly observing a characteristic: beautiful white marble. There are the marble quarries of Carrara town. The city of Carrara has together with Matina di massa, one of the most important centres of the Earth for the mining and processing of marble. A tour is booked with us. Other details are located on our website for your school trip.