Short Holiday Destination

The major cities of in Germany offer much variety, history, and culture. A city break in Germany is under cultural aspect in the framework of a short trip. It applies to discover cities that offer much variety, history, and culture. A short trip to a big city can be combined also with visiting of musicals or theatre. The Hanseatic City of Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and offers attractions for a varied short trip. Hamburg is considered not only as a musical city but also as a city with numerous excursions in the surrounding countryside. These consist of Hamburg Dungeon, the Planetarium or the miniature wonderland for families.

The Elbe River, which connects the North Sea with the port of Hamburg, offers sandy beaches and bike paths for a bicycle tour or take a romantic walk. Dresden shines since the reconstruction after the air raids during the second world war in a new light. Many sights and historical monuments were destroyed and were rebuilt in the past few years. The Semper Opera House is one of the buildings, which has been destroyed by air strikes. The most famous opera of in Germany is rebuilt since 1985 and there performances take place regularly. The Royal Palace, has been restored together with the English staircase and offers enough space for the State art collection.

In the stronghold of the Carnival Cologne is worth a short trip outside the fifth season. The Cologne Cathedral as a symbol of the city is a popular tourist attraction. The foundation stone for the Cathedral was laid in 1248. Relics of the Magi are exhibited in the Cathedral became a popular pilgrimage destination. The Cologne City Hall, as well as the Chocolate Museum are other places of interest can be visited on a short trip. A short trip to a city in Germany is recommended due to the history and the long culture of German cities. The travel portal is a specialist for short trips and can assist with the search after your towns short trip in Germany. City breaks are also in Connection with massages offered, and so at the same time, culture and relaxation.