South Butovo

So, open your own solarium today is very profitable. Even the artificial sun in the summer services are literally 'a bang' – the people on the eve of the South prefer to leave to prepare a pale after a winter skin to solar activity and a no-no, and hold several sessions in the solarium before the trip to the sea. It is best to open a solarium or in the downtown area, either in the old inhabited areas. However, in the center of the room rent is too expensive, and many solid competitors – For example, the same 'Sun and the City', one of the pioneers in the market of tanning beds, put his 'solar business' on a fairly wide foot. Equip salon tanning in very very remote areas (for example, in North and South Butovo, Strogino) also unprofitable: there is not formed enough for several tanning customer base.

Simply install the unit in a local beauty salons. The most viable option – areas the average distance (eg, Leninsky Prospect Krylatskoye Ave Vernandskogo). There's a business can quickly go up the hill, a stream wishing to bask in the rays of ultraviolet light is much more solid than in new buildings. Very profitable to open a tanning salon is not in Moscow, as in any large provincial town, such as Novosibirsk and Krasnodar. Local businessmen for some reason do not take into account this kind of activity, while the demand for bronze tan is large enough in Siberia, and south, and a good tanning salons in these cities and razdva .