To move until saponificar (to turn soap). 6. STORY OF the EXPERIENCE OF the PERIOD OF TRAINING SAMPLE the period of training in the practical one of education of Chemistry, was become fullfilled in the form of Sample with pedagogical workshops, having as content: Domissanitrios. We look for to produce domissanitrios of quality of low cost. During the presentation of our work, the communities had revealed curious, interested and participativas.

We feel that the people had little information on the domissanitrios and with quality and low cost. The developed sample, in them propitiated an exchange of information between us and expositors and the participant community. Attitude and habits as these, had made in them to prove that the relation between common sense x exists scientific knowledge. 7. ANALYSIS OF the DATA the data gotten in the instrument of the questionnaire of research, applied in the accomplishment of the I Sample of Chemistry in the Daily one, had for purpose, to provide an idea of the real conditions of the panorama of the sanitary. In this direction, observing the 20 (twenty) immediacy questionnaires, can be perceived, through the answers, that great part of the participants knows what it would be domissanitrios. In one of the questions of the questionnaire, ‘ ‘ Which the cares that we must have in the purchase of the domissanitrios? ‘ ‘ , we can we observe 01 answered that it would be the price, to always buy more cheap and 16 (sixteen) had answered that we must verify the rotulagem, that must present the date of manufacture and validity and 03 people had not answered to this question.

8. FINAL CONSIDERAES We observe in elapsing of the sample, the frequent exchange of information between the academic expositors and the participant communities. We did not wait this interaction, that became our much more interesting Sample. In this dialogue, we receive opinions and until some suggestions related with the manipulation from soaps: To add maize flour to give ‘ more; ‘ liga’ ‘ (starch); To add leached ashes to give more brightness (calcium carbonate), (CCO3); To add one bigger amount of caustic soda water (hidrxido of calcium), Here (OH) 2, to clean better; To diminish the amount of caustic soda water (hidrxido of sodium), NOH, not to be very aggressive in its use; To heat the fat for ‘ ‘ massa’ ‘ to be more ‘ ‘ fina’ ‘. Thus, what it came to prove was the use of common sense x scientific knowledge. It is concluded as soon as, on the knowledge of the domissanitrio, its use and cares that we must have in relation its purchase, manufacture and if use it is basic to improve the quality of life of all.