Get a real professional staff is a great success. But if you do possible – external consultants are likely to need them. Fine, if you can afford a full-fledged legal department: specialists in taxation, corporate law experts and virtuosos contract work a little expensive. But efficiency is extremely high. The advantages of an external consultant. Loss of skills in-house counsel of the company. Works from morning till night, a large volume issues does not always allow reasonable to prioritize.

The uniformity of the tasks forces to work on the pattern. Which is unacceptable. Even in the most simple matters too much “Into the subject” sometimes can not see any errors or defects that lie on the surface: many times re-reading the same contract, you cease to notice the error in the numbering of items, or what section “The responsibility of the parties,” “Customer” and “Artist” cleverly swapped. In such cases, not enough “fresh look” the part. 2. Given the real costs lawyer in the company’s staff should be ready for a serious costs, including salary costs are not legal in the first place. Rejecting a staff lawyer, you protect yourself from spending on: – wages lawyer and his assistant.

– The payment of compulsory taxes – on benefits, vacation and sick – on skill development and acquisition of special literature and periodicals – to purchase a special reference of the legal system and regular updating of its data. 3. Specialization Even the most professional lawyer rarely has an unconditional knowledge in all areas of the law and be informed about all details.