Successful Hotel Broker

Award for ASP real estate to the “most successful hotel broker 2010” in New York! New York, June 2011 – the real estate subsidiary of ASP real estate is most successful hotel broker of the year 2010 award as the “most successful hotel broker 2010” for the real estate subsidiary of tourism consulting Auer, Springer & partners beginning June 2011 in New York. In the last few years ASP developed real estate from Munich to one of the most successful hotel brokers in Europe. Until a few years ago mostly Busineshotels town hotels, hotels by national and international hotel chains taught, managed to work the tourism specialist estate agents in the hotel and Privathotellerie continuously at the top of the hotel operators in Europe. Discreetly but also spas and golf real estate have changed in the last few years many famous family hotels and wellness Temple, quietly its owner. An important market segment for the luxury brokers ASP real estate is selling castles, luxury real estate, hunting and since 2010 the sale of private islands – private Islands in Croatia, Greece, Canada and the Caribbean. 2010, the castle estate agents by ASP mediated 46 Castle real estate real estate in Austria, Hungary, Germany, France, the Switzerland and Northern Italy.

Under you will find a part of the hotels offered for sale, castles and luxury real estate. Of course, the synergy effects with the management consulting firm Auer, Springer & partners international (ASPI AG) are an invaluable advantage. Especially in hotel reviews, debt restructurings, extensions, renovations, feasibility studies, etc. the ASPI can be used at any time on the tourism experts. The choice for the most successful hotel broker 2010 surprised as hotel brokers from Munich conducted by Bodo Graf von Hardenberg, as also the esteemed competitors. But in terms of the number of mediated hotels, resorts, spas and golf courses, as well as in the sales amount of all hotel properties real estate by over 150 per cent ahead of second place was ASP. In the acceptance speech, the senior thanked consultant of Auer, Springer & partners, Dkkfm Hubert Auer at all hoteliers, hotel investors, banks, insurance companies, funds and global partners for the confidence in the company and in the hotel market in year one after the financial crisis. At the same time, he praised the worldwide and the hard work of hotel brokers by ASP real estate and stressed the enormous importance of personal relations between Hotel vendors, hotel brokers and hotel investors.