Technical University

Many people know that the majority of people affected by fire, entered the medical institution not with burns, but with smoke poisoning, namely of synthetic products. Through the use of natural materials in the production and high-quality coatings, suspended ceilings Geipel demonstrate excellent performance on fire safety, which allows their use even in children’s and medical institutions. Lighting – one of the most important factors conducive to the effective acquisition of information in large lecture halls and in classrooms for one group. Natural light enters the rooms through the standard windows, but often lectures or practical classes are held with additional artificial light. Lamps should be placed so as to evenly cover the entire area of the school premises.

Suspended ceilings Geipel help solve this problem. False ceiling at universities Recessed luminaires Geipel developed and implemented in such a way that perfectly fit into the overhead system with a step necessary for a comfortable room lighting. Lamp color can be matched by color tapes, decorative strips or contrast with them – to give the ceiling coverings greater expressiveness. The issue of acoustic characteristics of large space was always topical, and remains so to this day. K Unfortunately, there are not many educational institutions can boast of good acoustics in their classrooms. Initially, a lecturer at universities are calculated so that the trainers was good audible from any point of the room. However, the repair and finishing works are sometimes used materials, absorbing the sound or the opposite, creating an echo.

Such “special effects” make students stretch ear to cause rapid fatigue, headache, and, consequently, less efficient absorption of the curriculum. The use of false ceilings Geipel helps create the premises of educational institutions of good acoustics, and hence a positive impact on the educational process. False ceilings in universities Easy Care ceilings – a question no less serious than those listed above: in the rooms where every day there are hundreds of people, it is necessary to maintain purity. Harnesses Geipel, unlike the plastic panels, do not attract dust, which means that cleaning coatings require much less frequently. Removing contamination from the ceiling panels by using a damp sponge and detergent funds. Thanks to a smooth surface and modern cover tapes, rods and plates, the process of cleaning does not take much time and does not take much effort, and it is very important when it comes to such large areas, which are in major educational institutions. Already equipped with ceiling systems Geipel several universities in various cities around the world. Among them, the Technical University and the University of Merzenburge Wernigerode, Germany. Experience the use of cluster, slatted, mesh ceiling in such institutions has shown a number of advantages of these systems: the aesthetics, reliability, durability and environmental friendliness. In addition, the ceilings have Geipel excellent acoustic properties and high fire safety, which is another argument for using them in the universities.