The Cactus

The cactaceous ones compose the most well-known species of plantassuculentas, that is characterized to survive in conditions of extreme drought, thanks to their capacity to accumulate water in their stems, leaves or roots. In addition, the cactus have like distinguishing characteristic the prongs that usually cover them. Although they have its origin in America, they have extended by everybody, and they acquire importance more and more as interior plant, as much without flowers as with them, in the most varied so large, forms and colors. Lovers of the light and the heat, do not require excessive attentions, although to maintain them in good conditions during long time we have to provide basic cares to them and to pay attention to the diseases and plagues. The cactus reproduce by seeds, that we can acquire or gather we ourself of the fruits; in this case, after the harvesting, the seeds of the interior are extracted and they are conserved in porous paper. d all about the problem. They have to be in perfect state, since, otherwise, the unit will not be developed. The substrate must be drained well and to be permeable, so that excessive humidity is not accumulated, that would probably harm the cactus and it would kill, it. The earth mixture different depends on the variety that we try and the climatic conditions.

One of most habitual is to unite one third part of blond crowd, another one of heavy sand and another one of charcoal wet grinding, that in addition will be an outstanding element in the prevention of the fungi. By all means, it is possible to acquire the Earth already prepared. We will realise it to the plantation in small containers. At heart we will place gravel, that will allow a good drainage. Next we will have a layer the substrate preparation. The seeds are scattered, with a little water, and they are covered with heavy sand.