The Choice Of A Dog Trainer

The “market” for dog trainers is open, there are no rules, no regulated training. We humans are formally looking for anything and everything for a system, a method. Why is this so? Because we must not even think? Because we just do something or parrot what one ago us – says? Or because we are just too lazy even to think? Think for yourself would mean Yes, responsi-tung for our efforts to take over themselves – thus you have difficulty is apparently more than. Every coach has his method, the he more or less professional ver-marktet. Coaches want and need to make money with what they do. They are service providers such as artisans or dentists.

But, as also in other branches of the service sector industry, there are good and bad. In the GE gene set to a craftsman or dentist everyone can call themselves but simply coach or even animal psychologist. That is the crux. Hardly, you can check the capabilities of your trainer. That is to say, you have to check carefully whether the coach or his methods good or bad for you and that You to trusted (and delivered) living dog is. And most do exactly that. Many choose their coach then, how far they on – must travel and how little the training costs.

True to the motto: stinginess is cool. Is this really good slogan, to shape a whole generation of people to influence negatively. There A or X trusted the method, because it is just closer, less expensive or this method supposedly worked Y for dog. Depending on how well a coach can put in scene, the reception is great. Coaches are “In” or “Out”. What stupid approach to seek out a coach. Some don’t agree with the methods of their coach, they realize that it does more harm their dogs or the relationship to her dog as a benefit. If then everything completely, the dog scared Clacks or is not aggressive, the “stupid dog” is either abolished or you are looking for help with any other trainer. This aid must come in but quickly. Many methods are useful in many dogs, many are totally counterproductive. A good trainer does not deadlock method, he finds the right way for every a individual dog. Include flexibility and implementation lungsvermogen. Our world needs do right now not “behind’s light” trainers who are aware of their responsibility and question dog owners who think themselves and themselves. Then, and only then, the world is also sometime again bearable for our dogs.