The Church

E – Let ‘s hit around – if we are already quite active, giving us the idea of walking in it, does not deviate. Already a preposition – to – point to the intention, purpose and goal of creation. The context here refers to salvation is by grace not by works (v. 8, 9), but we were created for good works, then we come to the conclusion that I do good works for salvation, but because I am except to do good works. Galatians 6:10 agrees with the previous text, this indicates that we do good “while we have opportunity,” this term was removed from the word Kairon (set time – kairos comes from) – a determined period specified God therefore gives us the idea that only end when determined, that is, as he keeps us alive in this world.

What is good for the Church must be something nice, kindhearted (Verse 9). The verb ergazometa – we operate, we have that tells us as a body, which must be active, working efficiently, even when the benefit is one of our brothers. 2. Integral mission today: practical action The Church must not only deal with the spiritual realm of people, but seeing the man as a whole being that needs to be careful not only in spiritual but also physical and emotional . This is the concept of integral mission – see the man in his evangelistic work together. We can “shake hands” with social responsibility, seeing it as a bridge (because it’s close), as a partner (it works) and as a result of evangelism, (because to be our brother, we can not remain indifferent to their needs).