The Flippers – Aloha He – Stern Of The South Seas

New album of the flippers – Aloha he – stern of the South Seas when the autumn comes, come the flippers. For more than 20 years Stallion and Manfred Durban from Knittlingen (Baden Wurttemberg) publish their new studio albums Olaf Malolepski, Bernd whenever with songs full of wanderlust and romance, when the Sun has done its service via Germany and the warm coats are gradually brought out of the closet. This is no coincidence: flippers know the aspirations of their fans, which they bring back a little musical sunshine in life with heartwarming, catchy hits. “Aloha he stern of the South seas” is the new album of the flippers, which will be released on October 16, 2009. Anyone who knows the music of the flippers, must not ask, whether there really is a paradise on Earth.

In countless successful hits from 40 years, Bernd, Manfred and OLAF have sung the praises of the beauty of the world and making happy millions of music fans. And while no song are the same; each has its own charm and its very special character. “” The first single from the new album, the also the title Aloha Hey star of the South seas “wears, it goes tempo and temperament uploaded to the thing: a wild desire inside of the pirate chest” in the chorus, it’s that. That this fever, from which the flippers as sing, never ends, for the three successful musicians deliver this year an impressive evidence: no less than 40 years, they are successfully on the road and still feel like they have on their fans! Only in the summer Florian Silbereisen devoted the flippers with his summer team”an own anniversary show with numerous celebrity well-wishers. But also all questions on the subject of love are seducers as compliments distribute pinball machine experts, whether (you have the most beautiful legs for me”, you’re sensational”, you enter into the story”), as a comforter (broken heart”), or as a consultant for the young lovers for the first time (don’t worry, it is love”). Funny is it in the dance party I got six Correct”, hopelessly romantic, however, mean in the degree title life I’ve been looking for you”. This is the full bandwidth of the flippers hit potential. “As always musically excellent implemented by the two sound expert Brian denier and Reiner Burmann, who for many years for the right flippers sound” responsible.

In the spring of 2011, it is then finally back: flippers go on a big tour of Germany! The tour dates will be announced shortly. Be sure to keep in mind as a Christmas gift! “The album Aloha he stern of the South seas” appears on October 16 and is packed with hits of romance, wanderlust, and tenderness. So as the flippers by generations of fans loved.