The Posterior

The form of if teaching mathematics traditionally speaking certain absence is not worried about its history of formation and construction, having on what it is or on its to make. Many of the times the professor is demonstrating some application and when finishing the pupils question without understanding what it is demonstrating, ' ' the reason so that one demonstrao' ' , the professors are not worried if the pupil is learning or not. When visiting the schools you publish, then in the first series of 1 degree the pupils felt much difficulty in the arithmethic table, in deciding some properties as commutative, associative, distributive and others. thus in the posterior series the difficulty remained, therefore the professors had that to give its lesson and he could not stop to be able to recoup these pupils in these difficulties and with this the pupil is very wronged. She is necessary to review these concepts and to try of some form to help these pupils, therefore without the base of the studies they do not iram to have the chance to grow in the life. In the University, in respect to the education of the mathematics, dumb the requirement level, is necessary to have a position of more exemplary pupil, whom it searchs, that it searches, that goes behind its objective, that studies and that it learns.

Although that in the form of if teaching if it repeats, however it charges the creativity of the knowledge of the pupil, where in traditional education it does not have a respect for the creativity. Therefore in any institution of education it is of superior education or she is not necessary to study, to run behind the lost time and not to be motionless waiting for the others, has that to go the search of its objectives. Pupils in the schools they only want a form to arrive at the fast answers and standardized, because they only want to be approved, measured to get it to follow in front, and to pass in the tests and to gain a certificate, but this because the school also has this interest of that the pupils pass either it of the form that will be does not matter if pupil learned not only or either approved.