Toyota Parts

Once again, acquiring the necessary spare parts to the car, we wonder: ‘original’ or ‘neoriginal’ …? With the help of the internet and all sorts of tools, you analyze the market for auto parts and we conclude that it is often aftermarket parts are much cheaper their original twin parts, there is the eternal assertion of Russian – the question: ‘cheaper means to be worse’ …?. But, fortunately, this statement is not effective sector – car parts. Let’s try to find major differences in the above razyasneniyah. So: ‘Car spare parts’ is a piece with printed mark Toyota, Audi, Honda, Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz. In other words – what a car brand, but it does not mean that one of the mentioned works, there is a manufacturer of a part. In other words, the auto giants make the role of development and reflect on the major components and assemblies, and parts of their request made by other manufacturers and it depends on the product group. For instance, many know the brand’s global production brake-Ferodo, LuK, Brembo … and so on, as for the manufacturers of the elements of running, it is – Kayaba, Monro, Graff ….

Etc, electrics and electronics, this is – Bosch, ‘Denso’ …. And of making the details of the order of a factory, companies that manufacture auto parts for their logo put the plant who ordered the consignment. But this does not means that the manufacture of these products for seamless selling used inferior raw materials. It’s the same parts with the same quality, which requires a certain automobile factory. And the only difference is that spare parts distributed for free sale found no brand logo and the logo of the plant, which produced this spare part. Therefore, there is no significant difference in price between them. After all, everybody understands that we are main board exclusively for the brand such as such as Volkswagen. Thus, buying the necessary parts for your car, remember: price, after all, is important .